Gorbe X Boardflip frame

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Gorbe, a vibrant graffiti artist hailing from Tehran partners with Boardflip to merge urban artistry and craftsmanship. This collaboration yields a distinctive frame made from recycled skateboards, embodying sustainability and creativity. Within this frame, Gorbe's captivating mixed-media illustration on canvas comes to life, reflecting his early experiences of personalizing belongings with stickers, reminiscent of Gorbe's youthful notebook labels. Together, they transcend continents, cultures, and mediums, showcasing the potent synergy of collaboration and artistic expression.

Scholary Gorbe 

Mixed media on canvas, 2023, signed and dated on the back 

Artwork 303 x 475 mm

Frame 330 x 510 mm

This work is offered with a Certificate of Authenticity to the buyer 1/1. 

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